Looking for a new challenge? Time, Space & Rhythm deals with Paradiddles, counting, odd groupings, mental concepts and much more.

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Bill Ray is an American drummer most known for his work with the late Ike Turner on the Grammy Award winning "Risin' With The Blues" and is also featured prominently in the Smithsonian Channel series "Sound Revolution".

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Blog Entries

4:7 Polyrhythm

Here's a very easy way to play in 7, but throw in an even "crosscurrent" of 4 even beats. The places where the "4" lay into the 7 are the following: The One, Ah of 2, & of 4 and e of 6.

4 against seven
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Review of 22" Sabian Phoenix Ride Cymbalsabian 22 big ugly phoenix ride

There's two things that drummers will constantly be on the hunt for- the perfect snare drum and the perfect cymbal. Ride cymbals definitely included in that collection of "wants".

I've been a Sabian artist now going on a year and am really in love with the sounds they create. When I ordered my set of cymbals last...

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Flying Solo!

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the drumkit out to a bar and play along to some tracks of artists who are not known to the general public, but really, really ought to be.

10 25 2014 Parkway Bar

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Some tips for the GC Drum-Off

I am now teaching via Skype and in Seattle, WA. Contact me to schedule a lesson!

I have had a long and interesting history with the Guitar Center Drum-Off. In 1989 I had just relocated to the West Coast and somehow I learned that there was a drum solo contest and it was that very day; I called the store and got...

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Backwards Progress or "The Big Sandpile"

Response to a guy on a drum forum who is "giving up" because he "thinks he's not getting any better"

Oftentimes when you feel as if you're getting worse it's not because you are "getting worse" but because your awareness is expanding and you hear more things that you used to didn't perceive.

It's like this- when...

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Organic Drum Tracks Vol. 1

OGE- Objects In Motion

The Odd Get Even

The Journeymen- Dog Days