Billy's Beats

Billy's Beats

The Project:

To create useable organic drum tracks that can give a creative boost to someone's project or writing session.

It's like making a golf course for others to play their game on. Some people will play it like it lays, others will work on small bits of it, like a putting green or driving range.

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Whenever I record for people I always like to get my drum tones dialed in, and what a better way to do it than to simply play drums. So I'll start playing a song that I hear in my head. When I begin playing the music starts like a "tuneless whistle" and carries me through verse and chorus to bridge and any part I see fit to throw in. It's like making a golf course for others to play their game on.

This has been an ongoing project and there have been over 300 pieces written with these drum tracks. Some great, others are like "WTF?" But I don't judge. Outwardly, anyway. It's all about having fun and if my playing can help someone to realize a sense of enjoyment then that is exactly my job being done.

And to add to the friend Cathryn Beeks who is very active here in San Diego as a musician and promoter had this thing she was doing called "The Game" in that she would pick a title for a song and people would write a song revolving around the title/topic.

That inspired me to "put something out there" and see what would bounce back. Well, it's been pretty awesome so far. :D Thanks Cathryn!

This is a rather brisk rendition of the "Flat Tire" shuffle. It's a rather unique feel and is sort of the "Sunshine of Your Love" or "Bell Bottom Blues" equivalent in the shuffle family because it feels backwards!

Organic Drum Tracks Vol. 1

OGE- Objects In Motion

The Odd Get Even

The Journeymen- Dog Days