Here's a very easy way to play in 7, but throw in an even "crosscurrent" of 4 even beats. The places where the "4" lay into the 7 are the following: The One, Ah of 2, & of 4 and e of 6.

4 against seven

Playing drums and speaking/singing are somewhat interconnected in that the idea is to create interesting things to say in between the lines of rhythm that are predetermined.

Coming up with cool things to play can sometimes be a little bit daunting because the question begs "where do I begin?". Well for starters, there's twenty BILLION songs out there that are begging to be played along to in one's head.

By playing songs in your head, the ability to create and spin out interesting and creative subject matter is absolutely limitless. The tune serves as a sort of "rhythmic guardrail" that keeps you from running off into the ditch, so to speak.

It’s hard to ignore the contributions of David Garibaldi to the world of drumming. As I was developing my voice on the instrument there were many hours spent poring over books like Future Sounds and The Funky Beat. Those books are both a study in coordination, taste and musicality that are rivaled by few.

Organic Drum Tracks Vol. 1

OGE- Objects In Motion

The Odd Get Even

The Journeymen- Dog Days