Timm Biery was with Frank Marino for a number of years (he's the guy on Juggernaut), Danny Gatton's drummer for the latter part of his life, and is now playing with Nils Lofgren (Bruce Springsteen E Street Band). Our mutual friend Dave Goode introduced us in 1994 and I was instantly blown away by what I was hearing. 

I was living in Vista, CA. at the time, practicing 6 hours a day and "taking inventory" of my stuff. Redefining myself by any stretch. My "Musical Guru Steve Anthony turned me on to the Danny Gatton/Joey DeFrancesco album "Relentless". The first time through I thought "holy CRAP that's a great album!!" At the time I was in a band that played similar styles, and was able to transfer what I heard back & forth. After listening to that album for over a year, sometimes multiple times a day then playing 5 nights a week I was stained with that feel. I stole a lot of Timm's licks! Sorry Timm! Send me a bill...

Funny story- I went with Dave Goode and Gabby (the mother of my child) to see Timm play with Paul Reed Smith (yes the guitar guy) at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. The performance was incredible and we went out to dinner afterwards. So there we all were, having dinner with such a luminary figure in the guitar world!

This was all going on around the time of the OJ Simpson trials and Timm wanted to go to OJ's place. Well, I took him. We drove all over Brentwood looking for his home and eventually found it. I parked us RIGHT IN THE DRIVEWAY. Timm was wigging out! Haha! 

Check out his stuff: TimmBiery.com